Partial revival-what is this?

What is partial skin rejuvenation

Partial repair is one of the most popular beauty procedures in the world. Of course, this demand has its reasons, among which we can notice the advantages of high efficiency, short recovery period, and high availability. Therefore, in this material, we will tell you more about laser partial skin rejuvenation.

Like most cosmetic surgery, partial rejuvenation does not require the patient to take any special preparation measures. The main thing is to see a doctor. The doctor will perform the procedure a few days before the scheduled procedure. In addition, he is most likely to wait because he needs to check and investigate in advance to determine the effectiveness of the segmented laser repair procedure specifically for this patient. In addition, during the consultation, you can ask the doctor any questions about the procedure. By the way, if the doctor finds no contraindications, a small dose of laser skin rejuvenation can be performed immediately after the consultation.

Rejuvenation of the face and neck

After the first step, the patient will notice the results. By the way, the local repair of skin on the face and neck has many positive effects. Therefore, it can show whether it exists:

  • Scars and scars;
  • wrinkles;
  • Acne scars;
  • Hyperpigmentation.

One of the advantages of small-scale facial and neck rejuvenation is the short recovery period. This is provided by an crystal. Due to the crystal, the light beam acts directly on the internal tissues of the skin non-ablation, that is, it does not damage the stratum corneum. In addition, don't forget the soft effect of the laser on the skin, because with the help of a special lens, the laser will be broken down into a "grid" of many microbeams. This not only softens the effect, but also allows you to treat a larger area of ​​skin at once. The resulting laser net creates many micro-thermal healing areas in the skin. Around these areas, intact cells regenerate tissues, thereby renewing the skin. In addition, collagen is produced during partial facial rejuvenation by laser, which can cause skin tightening. Therefore, in a few exercises, you can eliminate wrinkles and folds.

By the way: To get the maximum effect, you just need to follow the doctor's advice. They are simple and usually boil down to the need to maintain your skin and protect it from dirty water, high temperature, ultraviolet radiation, etc. Usually, at the end of the meeting, the doctor will tell you everything in detail.

The contraindications of taboo rejuvenation

How to perform small-scale skin rejuvenation

Like most cosmetic procedures, some laser facial rejuvenation has many contraindications:

  • Tumor diseases;
  • pregnancy or breastfeeding;
  • Tattoo on the treatment site;
  • Scars are easy to form;
  • Silicone implants;
  • Active infections (microbes, viruses, fungi).

If peeling, botulinum toxin and contour shaping were performed less than two weeks ago, it is not recommended to use laser for partial repair. It is also recommended to perform a bioremediation procedure two weeks before the treatment and two weeks after the laser facial repair.

This is interesting:

  1. The effectiveness of this process has been confirmed by more than 20, 000 histological studies.
  2. The program has more than 45 patents.
  3. In one country alone, more than 40, 000 Fraxel operations are performed every year. In total, more than one million procedures have been executed in 80 countries/regions around the world.