Facial Microcurrent-What is the uniqueness of the procedure?

Imitating the appearance of wrinkles always brings unpleasant surprises to women. The situation worsens when the facial skin becomes loose and loses its healthy tone due to lack of elasticity. In this case, women in a state of panic began to look for ways to regain their previous charm.

Hardware beauty

However, this phenomenon should not be a cause of panic, because today's cosmetology provides many options for eliminating wrinkles. Micro-current (micro-lifting), especially low-frequency current, can rejuvenate the face and is popular all over the world. Because of its high efficiency, painlessness and operational safety, its popularity continues to grow.

Micro-current facial treatment is a comfortable and sophisticated hardware technology that can make the face younger and popular among men and women.

What is the essence of microcurrent therapy?

The design of living organisms makes their life activities supported by continuous electrochemical reactions. The human body composed of cells is covered by a polarized cell membrane (cytoplasm). In a healthy state, the outside is negatively charged, while the inside is positively charged. Therefore, living cells are in contact with the surrounding environment through electrical signals.

The skin will be damaged with age. Abnormal functions in the body can cause a slowdown in metabolic processes and gradual cell death. Exposure to micro currents can restore skin polarization and trigger the following processes:

  • The charge begins to fix on the thinnest cell membrane.
  • In the dermis, ATP synthesis increases by 50% and amino acid movement increases by 40%.
  • As the blood flow of cells increases, the supply of nutrients and oxygen is improved.
  • began to synthesize collagen and elastin, and as a result, active skin regeneration was observed.
  • The tone of the facial muscle membrane is improved while the permeability is reduced. In this context, lymphatic outflow is normalized and cells reject toxins. It has been noticed that the remarkable effect of this process is just shown on aging skin.

Important!Because the AC value is very small, the program will not be addictive. As a result, each repeated stage is accepted by the body as a beneficial effect in all aspects. Enough results can be obtained from the process of!

Microcurrent therapy: existing treatment methods

Beauty clinics and salons provide various types of procedures based on micro-current therapy. All options are provided to patients. Let us consider the most popular:

  1. Lymphatic drainage. In this case, under the influence of the micro current, the muscle tissue begins to release from the excess fluid. From the age of 24, blood circulation in the skin deteriorates, which becomes a major factor in the stagnation of water in the interstitial space. This factor leads to the accumulation of toxins in tissues and subsequent cell death. Lymphatic drainage can solve this problem well, eliminate eye puffiness and eliminate dark circles.
  2. Reprogram facial wrinkles. The main purpose of this procedure is to increase muscle tone and normalize cellular nutrition. Because the action of microcurrent relaxes the muscles completely, many patients resort to microcurrent therapy to replace botulinum toxin.
  3. Face and neck lifts. This process can discolor the facial tissues, reduce slack, and smooth fine lines. It should be emphasized that only special equipment designed for this purpose can be used for renovation. On the contrary, due to its high activity, ordinary equipment will exacerbate the problem of simulated wrinkles and even lead to the development of neuritis.

    Attention!During micro-current therapy, the electrodes should not be placed in the heart, eyeball and neck blood vessels.

  4. Ion Mesotherapy. It belongs to the most effective procedure performed in conjunction with micro-lifting. After several treatments, the pores were cleared, scars disappeared, and edema disappeared.

Combine micro-current with Mesotherapy for best results. In this case, the epidermis will not be damaged.

The experience of the beautician using micro-current for facial repair has confirmed that good results have been achieved due to the following reasons:

  • Actively stimulate the hydration and metabolism of the epidermis;
  • Normalization of sweat and sebaceous glands;
  • Reduction of epidermal pores;
  • Strengthens the epidermal immune system and eliminates inflammation.

Due to the painlessness, safety and lack of recovery period of microcurrent therapy, there is an increasing demand for microcurrent therapy today. After the meeting, patients can go home and start business immediately.

The technique described can eliminate swelling, increase the elasticity of facial muscles and bring a pleasant and healthy tone to your face.

Important!Microcurrent-course process. The effect of this rejuvenation method can be observed in 3 months or longer.

Micro current

Microcurrent Therapy: Features

Considering this concept, it should be noted that it covers many different processes using low-frequency electrical pulses with a certain intensity current (within 600-1000μA).

Nowadays, the beauty market provides different models of micro-current therapy devices. They are different from each other in the device and characteristics of the electrode.

Devices are classified in the following categories:

  • Electrodes. This classification means dividing devices into devices with conical and spherical metal electrodes.
  • Pass the current indicator. Devices are divided into devices that generate unipolar and bipolar currents. The use of bipolar current does not involve the use of drugs. In this case, lymphatic drainage and muscle stimulation are achieved. This is especially noticeable on muscles.

If a unipolar current is used to treat the skin, the drug should be used in small doses.

Indications of Mini Lift

When choosing a facial repair technology, it is necessary to find out under which circumstances the technology needs to be used. Microcurrent therapy has its specific indications. Provided under the following circumstances:

  • The skin loses its elasticity and becomes loose;
  • Rosacea and massive acne.
  • have atopic dermatitis or skin disease;
  • The complexion becomes muddy and pigmentation appears;
  • has severe swelling;
  • Formed simulated wrinkles;
  • Observed skin aging;
  • has a very dry skin;
  • Increased muscle tone;
  • Frequent skin vascular disease.

It should also be noted that in hardware technology, doctors use micro-current therapy before plastic surgery and during rehabilitation.

When it is necessary to restore the skin after laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion and various types of skin, beauticians usually resort to micro-current.

How is this procedure usually performed?

The process involving the exposure of facial skin with microcurrent is divided into seven stages:

  1. Preparation phase. At this stage, the client's face is ready for impulse. The preparation involves peeling the surface of the epidermis. Therefore, during exposure to facial microcurrents, the effect of this process will be very obvious.
  2. Clean facial skin in residual cosmetics. This means cleaning the dirt in the pores with special makeup.
  3. Apply a special contact gel to the entire face. The agent has a special conductive composition. It contains many useful active ingredients (if the patient suffers from acne, a special conductive anti-acne gel will be used, if there are wrinkles, the expert will use a special anti-wrinkle gel).

    In this case, oil-based compositions are not suitable for professionals to use because they are less conductive. As the gel dries during use, it may cause discomfort. To avoid them, specialists will regularly wet the electrodes during the procedure.

  4. Expose on the skin with electrodes. Metal electrodes, cotton swabs dipped in liquid components and even conductive gloves

    Both can be used as electrodes.

    The"unstable" techniqueis ​​often used, which involves moving electrodes on the skin during surgery.

    When the electrode is fixed on the epidermis, the"stabilization" techniquecan sometimes be used.

    In the case of micro-current treatment using "unstable" technology, the electrodes are passed along the lymphatic drainage line. Always start to move the electrode from the neck to promote the free flow of lymph from the face.

  5. Micro current boost. In this case, move the electrodes along the face, then bring them closer to each other, and then move them away.
  6. The effect on facial muscles. Thereafter, re-stimulate the lymphatic drainage line with electrodes.
  7. From the contact area to the micro current friction contact gel. Usually, the process of exposing the epidermal skin with a microcurrent lasts 40 minutes. In difficult situations, it may take 1 hour.

How many treatments might you need?

It’s difficult to answer exactly how many programs are needed to achieve the desired effect. why? Since it all depends on gender and age:

  • The young skin of girls younger than 30 years old can be rejuvenated in 1-2 preventive treatments.
  • For women over 30 but less than 40 years old, if 8-6 intervals are used each time, 5-6 weeks is sufficient.
  • Women over 50 may need 10-15 surgeries. In this case, the interval between sessions should be equal to 1-2 days.
Men's Grooming

Among men, the demand for micro-current therapy is very high, because it can provide excellent results during the course of the action, while being painless and requiring no recovery period!

Side effects you may experience

The non-invasive procedures described above that expose facial epidermis with microcurrents are usually easy to tolerate, but side effects may also occur. Their list is small. This:

  • are allergic to drugs used for electrophoresis;
  • There is a slight tingling and tingling sensation during the operation;
  • There is a metallic taste in the mouth;
  • When a micro current is applied to the eyelids, bright flashes appear in the eyes (the flashes are harmless because they do not harm the eyesight).


Like many other ways to rejuvenate the salon, microlift surgery can mean many contraindications. Anyone who wants to receive this anti-aging treatment should know them.

The list of common contraindications is as follows:

  • No tolerance for components used during operation;
  • The fact that malignant tumors exist;
  • implanted pacemaker;
  • There are pins, implants and prostheses in the body;
  • Heart disease, including arrhythmia;
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding period;
  • Minor;
  • The fact that gold or platinum wires are implanted under the skin;
  • epileptic seizures;
  • Mental disorders.

In addition to general contraindications, there are also local contraindications. This:

  • Thrombophlebitis;
  • Benign tumor;
  • violated the integrity of the metal prosthesis in the affected area;
  • Wounds in the area to be repaired.

There is a micro current at home-how much is it possible?

Micro-lifting is usually only performed by a beautician. But relatively speaking, the ladies have the opportunity to make small moves at home. It should be said in advance that the effect of this operation at home will be much lower. But considering the price of democracy, women are increasingly choosing this procedure, so it makes sense to have a discussion.

If you have special equipment at hand, the steps for micro-pull at home will be similar to those in the salon (first, perform a thorough makeup removal, then apply the contact gel to the area, and then start the process).

Important!In order to at least observe the effect of this effect, the procedure should be repeated twice more frequently than in the clinic or salon.

Since the influence of micro-current in the family is very weak, in this case, there are very few adverse reactions.

Interesting facts about microlifting

The current force during the salon micro-lifting period is always controlled by the doctor. First, the expert sets the minimum level, and then increases the current intensity.

Sometimes, any muscle (most commonly the muscles of the arms or legs) may contract voluntarily when exposed to electric current. You don't need to worry about this reaction, because it is the body's response to the current power effects.

can be combined with micro-lifting techniques after performing many other retouching procedures. But in this case, the focus is on the interval between operations:

  • After the non-invasive dermis is resurrected, the microlift can be completed within 3 to 7 days.
  • After facial massage with micro current, it can affect the skin for 5-10 days;
  • After mesotherapy, microlifting can be performed for 2 days.

It is recommended to perform a slight chemical peel before starting to expose to micro current. It will enable you to get more obvious results.

What is the first choice: micro-current therapy or radiofrequency boosting?

RF boost is understood as a radio wave method that allows you to use collagen and elastin to form facial bones. Micro current works differently. They stimulate the production of collagen and elastin by injecting special substances into the subcutaneous layer without injection.

The RF boost allows you to achieve results quickly, because after this process, the old collagen fibers are strengthened. The boosting effect of the radio frequency boosting increases with each process. A total of 10 programs may be required for each course. However, the uniqueness of the RF boost is that this type of operation is recommended for women aged 35 to 40, and even for very young girls (if there is a recommendation), micro current is also recommended.