Local laser facial rejuvenation-what is it

The essence of the procedure of laser partial repair of facial skin

Partial repair is a procedure in cosmetology that uses laser technology to heat the skin layers to eliminate defects and signs of aging. Professional laser facial rejuvenation can be performed in special facilities.


  1. Stimulates the skin surface to stimulate the regeneration process inside the cells.
  2. Accelerate tissue renewal through targeted and specialized exposure to the defect site, and has a mild effect, which can avoid scars or scars.
  3. There are no complications during the recovery period, and the patient will adjust independently.
  4. demonstrated the visual effects after the first stage, and after several processes (up to five), 100% of the expected results were obtained.
  5. You can proceed without preparation.
  6. Compatible with drugs administered by injection.
  7. The normal pace of life and work habits lack changes.
  8. Painless treatment without direct contact, regardless of the age of the patient and the complexity of the problem to be solved.

Instructions for use

Use laser technology to delete:

  • scar;
  • Stretch marks;
  • wrinkles;
  • Vascular network;
  • age spots;
  • Other defects that worsen the beauty of the face.


Do not conduct small-scale revivals under the following circumstances:

Part of the laser revival before and after the photo
  • Allergic reaction and weakened immunity;
  • Acne, skin irritation and inflammation;
  • Infectious diseases during exacerbation;
  • Diabetes, poor blood circulation and low blood clotting;
  • Nervous system diseases;
  • Tumor Pathology;
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.


  1. For consultations on the development of personal standards, the age of the patient should be considered and the order of influence on the problem area and its depth should be determined.
  2. Anesthesia of the affected area of ​​the face.
  3. Clean residual cosmetics and impurities.
  4. Exposure with laser.
  5. Fix the result by covering the affected area in a special way.
  6. Suggestions about facial surface after treatment.

The beautician uses special laser technology for a course of treatment for one hour.

Follow the instructions of the expert to rule out all complications. However, if the following conditions occur, you should contact your doctor immediately:

  • Edema, redness and itching lasting for several days;
  • Increased pain;
  • Scars or scars will appear after surgery.

Undesirable side effects may be due to poor quality of pre-surgery inspections, covering up health problems, and low professionalism of the performers.

After the treatment, you need to take in more vitamins every day to protect your skin from direct rays, and use therapeutic creams and ointments. With gentle care, the skin will look fresher, better and younger than before the operation.