Plasma facial lift is a panacea for young skin without complications!

In 2004, a successful solution was discovered that can address age-related facial skin changes, making women feel excited. The main component of the elixir is plasma with high platelet content, which is released from the patient's blood. Therefore, this technique is called plasma face lift. Will discuss her question further.

The essence of technology

Plasma facial lift is an innovative technology that can combat aging, mature skin. The technology is based on the injection of processed plasma obtained from the patient's blood. This substance is called platelet autologous. The injection magically activates the body's ability to produce hyaluronic acid and collagen, stimulates stem cells to accelerate division and has a beneficial effect on skin function.

Thanks to scientists, an innovative technology has moved from medicine to beauty. Young plasma rejuvenation surgery (less than 20 years old) is very popular and is used by well-known clinics for its remarkable effects and health and safety.

Plasma facial rejuvenation machine

Advantages and disadvantages of plasma boost

The main advantage of the facial rejuvenation method is its effective role in cells, reprogramming the regeneration process of skin tissue, and stimulating the accelerated synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers.

In turn, injection rejection, allergic reactions or side effects related to the active substance are excluded. The procedure only involves the patient's own plastids-no foreign proteins or cellular components.

Plasmolifting can be combined with RF facial lifting and other beauty salon rejuvenation methods.

It should be noted that the age limit for using processed plasma for rejuvenation is very small. It is recommended for patients 25-60 years old.

The disadvantages of lifting technology include:

  • Any injection will destroy the integrity of the skin surface, so there is a risk of infection;
  • This process is accompanied by slight pain during blood sampling, which is injected directly into the skin;
  • The clinic fails to comply with hygiene and sanitation standards, violates the disinfection of medical equipment (such as centrifuge tubes), and may be infected with viral hepatitis, HIV, syphilis and other diseases that can be transmitted through the blood of former clients;
  • The risk of activating viruses in the blood that are not manifested in any way (such as herpes);

You will not be able to see immediate results on the first day. The body must activate the mechanism of dermal regeneration and regeneration. Therefore, to achieve the desired effect, you will have to endure.

Indications and positive effects of the technology

Plasma boost will allow you to get rid of or significantly reduce the following facial blemishes:

  • Stretch marks, scars;
  • Imitation, age wrinkles;
  • Vascular network
  • With age, the skin is photo-aging;
  • Acne, psoriasis and skin diseases;
  • Hyperpigmentation;
  • Need to accelerate tissue recovery after laser, chemical peeling, and ablation rejuvenation surgery.
Plasma for skin regeneration

Unfortunately, the first noticeable improvement will be noticeable in a week. The process of rejuvenation will take up to six months. However, you will be satisfied with the results:

  • The general effect of facial rejuvenation,
  • Radiant and healthy colors;
  • Imitation, age wrinkles will disappear;
  • The tones and reliefs of the face will be flattened;
  • Scars, stretch marks and scars will become less obvious;
  • Treat acne and pimples;
  • Hyperpigmentation, dry skin will disappear;
  • The contour of the face will be tightened to obtain a clear contour;
  • As a side effect of cosmetic surgery, ultraviolet burns will disappear quickly;
  • Due to the increase in the number of synthetic collagen fibers, the normalization of the intracellular water balance, the oxygen saturation and the active regeneration of the skin, the aging process will be slowed down.

Contraindications of plasma lift

Plasmolifting absolutely prohibits patients from the following health problems:

  • Acute and worsening chronic diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • Infectious and autoimmune diseases;
  • Oncology;
  • HIV infection,
  • Hepatitis B and C;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Coagulation disorders, hemophilia;
  • Mental disorders, epilepsy;
  • Immune deficiencies of the client's body.

Plasma lifting program

It is worth noting that this technology is only performed in professional clinics and medical centers, and expensive equipment is used by qualified experts. It is impossible to perform this procedure at home.

The use of this technique for facial rejuvenation requires a preparation phase. It stipulates:

  • Provide 4 blood tests: HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and AT to Treponema pallidum (total). There is no need to perform the test in the surgery clinic. A complete form stamped by another laboratory is also valid;
  • Collect 10-20 ml of venous blood for the production of therapeutic plasma.
Obtain plasma for facial skin rejuvenation

The injection is performed in the clinic in the presence of the customer and includes the following steps:

  1. Put 1-2 disposable test tubes filled with blood in a special small centrifuge.
  2. The centrifuge starts to spin quickly, and the blood is divided into several parts of different density. This plasma is poor, platelet-rich plasma and red blood cells. The tube has a special coating so the blood will not clot.
  3. For plasma lifting, only platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is used. The number of platelets in 1 ml of plasma reaches 1 million.

The injection preparation phase takes about 15 minutes, strictly abide by the sequence and technique of the process. Then a syringe with a fine needle (such as during mesotherapy) is used to inject the resulting substance into the lining of the dermis, directly into the problem area.

A condition that allows non-invasive plasma lifting of the skin. This technology can dispense the resulting medicine to the problem area without injection.

When the plasma rejuvenation treatment takes 20-60 minutes, it depends on the size of the defect being treated. It is recommended to repeat the injection course after 1-2 weeks. Usually, the course of plasma treatment is 4-6 visits.

How to prepare for surgery

Plasmolifting is a planned action, not a passing action. Taking tests and consulting a doctor is not all. In order to obtain greater results from the operation, it is recommended that 2-3 days before the operation:

  • Refuse to take medicinal anticoagulants and procoagulants, aspirin and limonin;
  • Don’t drink, don’t smoke;
  • Drink plenty of water (more than 2 liters per day);
  • Eliminate greasy, spicy and unhealthy foods (such as potato chips), pay attention to anti-aging foods and fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • If possible, reduce or stop physical activity.

As for the day of the plasma lift, that is, 3 hours before the start of the operation is not advisable.

Subtleties and combination with other rejuvenation methods

Absolutely sterile, the clinic's strict compliance with septic tank and preservative requirements are the main conditions of this procedure. Therefore, when choosing a clinic, please pay attention to the availability of relevant documents:

  • Permit to engage in medical activities;
  • Enter the clinic to work on blood and its derivatives;
  • Plasma promotion certificate.

Health safety and the effectiveness of technology depend on this.

It is not allowed to store, freeze or transport finished plasma. Therefore, it is very important to give the injection in your presence.

Bruises and hematomas may appear at the injection site. Don't worry, they will disappear on their own within 2-3 days.

No rehabilitation measures are required. However, excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation must be avoided. It is best to temporarily postpone going to the solarium, sauna, and swimming pool.

Plasma lift is combined with laser facial rejuvenation. Many specialist clinics also provide some technology. This method will enhance and prolong the effect achieved.

Plasma injection for skin regeneration

Comprehensive approach to skin aging

Don't just rely on the results of the plasma boost. Arrange for proper care, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, and proper sleep for up to 8 hours.

Don't forget massage and facial gymnastics. Such exercises can perfectly keep the skin tissue in good condition.

Plasma boost allows you to continue using your own anti-aging cosmetics. Many recipes are made from kelp or natural olive oil and are rich in nutrients.

Plasma rejuvenation fee

Plasmolifting is a very expensive skin regeneration technique. This is due to expensive equipment to obtain its implementation documents.

The cost of surgery depends on the size of the problem area and the prestige of the clinic. Be sure to check the availability of the relevant license file. The overestimated procedure cost is also unacceptable, it may be that the clinic violates the patented technology (imported equipment, test tubes-this is already a difference).

Choose the clinic carefully to get the effect that can justify the investment.