Aging facial skin in beauty: the best way to rejuvenate

How to rejuvenate aging skin

Fortunately, after a woman notices the first wrinkle on her face, the days when women usually fall into terrible, long-term depression because of the fragility of all beautiful things are gone. Especially the one that she can't even look in the mirror to appreciate. From then on, looking to the future, she accepted the inevitability and destructiveness of aging. But I still try to deal with it in a certain way, and there are only one or two "miracle" anti-aging treatment recipes in my arsenal. However, unfortunately, almost no one can keep their skin beautiful and healthy throughout their lives, and these recipes alone can avoid aging.

Today, each of us understands that the first wrinkle is only the beginning, and this is the real motivation. After all, modern women have everything: thousands of beauty and anti-aging recipes, once-secret rejuvenation methods, treatment techniques that not only improve health, but also restore youth and beauty to the skin.

Before and after facial rejuvenation

And, of course, we have modern beauty. In recent years, she has achieved such perfect results that now wrinkles are only a temporary and easy to remove trouble. Moreover, despite the widespread suspicion among women, it is still possible to rejuvenate "without knife" and completely painless today. At the same time, a large number of studies and the experience of millions of women have proved that modern rejuvenation and facial care methods are absolutely safe for health.

The following are the most popular rejuvenation and facial treatment options for women in beauty and family.

Home Beauty: Facial Skin Care

Wash correctly

Wash your face twice a day, but you can only wash it with facial cleanser once—at night. In the morning, wash your face with beauty ice made of decoctions such as chamomile, mint, and stepmother. Do not wash off the protective layer of fat on your skin because it is a barrier. The skin is protected from the negative influence of external factors;


If you perform the massage correctly and follow all implementation rules and recommendations, you can not only smooth medium wrinkles, but also tighten the "flowing" oval face.

Natural cosmetics

Avoid cheap cosmetics and facial care products that contain suspicious ingredients, and choose more natural products.

Rejuvenation and facial care beauty


This procedure will not heal wrinkles, but it will smooth out wrinkles surprisingly. This is also one of the best ways to prevent their future education. Its essence is to introduce subcutaneous injections and select individually to solve specific problems. This is the safest and cheapest way to remove wrinkles today. In addition, the experience of millions of women shows that this surgery is also extremely effective in anti-aging. The effect of this procedure lasts from 6 months to 1. 5 years.

Laser skin rejuvenation in cosmetology

Professional skin rejuvenation

The bottom line is the effect of the laser beam on the middle layer of the skin. As a result, micro injuries occur, and skin tissues immediately begin to repair. While repairing damaged areas, blood circulation is accelerated, blood flow increases, metabolic processes are improved, and collagen and elastin are produced-proteins responsible for skin elasticity and protecting it from wrinkle formation.

Contour plastic

This method is suitable for women of almost any age. With the help of contour plastics, including the introduction of special fillers (most commonly hyaluronic acid or biopolymer gels) under the skin, it can even smooth deep wrinkles. The effect after shaping can last from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the composition of the filling.

Botox injection

Botulinum toxin, also called botulinum toxin, is injected into the problem area and blocks the nerve impulses provided by the facial muscles. As a result, during the duration of the action of the drug, muscle activity decreases, they relax, and therefore, in these places, the skin stops folding. Even injecting botulinum to the teenagers, so that they no longer make faces and squint, thus playing a role in preventing wrinkles. Botox is usually injected around the eyes, forehead, lips, between the eyebrows and nasolabial folds. The effect lasts for 6 to 8 months, after which you can repeat the process.


For a long time, the peel has proven to be an effective way of beauty and skin care. Of course, this method is difficult to remove deep wrinkles, but it is completely possible to remove fine wrinkles. In addition, it is a great way to prevent aging, remove acne, blackheads, pigmentation, etc.

Exfoliation is the process of removing the layer of dead cells, which can accelerate the metabolic process, improve blood circulation, and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers.