How to rejuvenate the face

The aging process

The causes of aging of the skin of the face

Yes, you get older, and this is perfectly normal. Just accept this as a fact and not be upset because of new wrinkles. Better yet to be explored, such as change the skin with the passing of the years, and take note of the most effective ways for anti aging in the house.

Aging is a complex process that depends on many factors. Conventionally they can be divided into internal and external. Some depend on our lifestyle and habits, and so it is in our power to change something. To others we influence, not for the better. But there are means and methods that allow you to outsmart time.

The process of aging can't be stopped, but we can suspend.

External factors

Most of the wrinkles on the face, neck, and hands — on direct exposure is to external factors. Don't believe us? The beauticians is fun, but the visual evidence: all of the detractors in damage of UV rays, the doctors often offer compare the skin of the face and... buttocks.

The skin on the buttocks, smooth, elastic, without freckles, and age spots. And all because this area is always protected by clothes and not exposed to the adverse effects of an outside influence — difference of the skin of the face.

The following factors, in varying degrees, are susceptible to adjustment. Keep this in mind.

  • Exposure to uv rays.
  • The negative impact to the environment.
  • Disorders caused by free radicals.
  • Bad habits, like smoking.
  • The lack of physical activity.

The internal factors

Their we can't change. But if you look at his legacy, there are chances to take the necessary measures to for a while to postpone age-related changes.

  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Chronological aging.
  • The hormonal imbalance.
  • The weakening of the barrier structures of the skin and dryness.
  • The chronic inflammation.
The age of maturity — is not a reason to lower the arms. Modern beauty-industry-is doing everything it can for us as long as possible to keep them healthy and attractive.

What is the anti-aging care for the face

anti-aging care
The best way to stay in shape – meet the mode of drinking and doing sports.

Anti-aging care for the face includes beauty treatments, beauty tools care and, of course, the rules of the HLS, aimed at improving the quality of the skin. Thanks to them you can correct the signs of aging of the skin, such as:

The first signs of aging: when to buy the first anti-aging cream

  1. wrinkles;
  2. laxity;
  3. the loss of tone and elasticity;
  4. pigmentation;
  5. rugged terrain.

Face rejuvenation at home

It is never too late to find your beautician.

The fastest, but pretty traumatic way of rejuvenation and plastic surgery. Then we'll talk about more benign methods, including a home care service for the care of the skin.

Folk remedies

Masks made at home is fun and at times also in an effective way.

Some women prefer modern means of beauty recipes that are transmitted in the family from generation to generation. Tradition is not evil, even if it costs more to remind us that we are in the TWENTY-first century, and the progress does not stop. Cosmetics in our time, the most intelligent and productive of a mixture of waste products.

Folk remedies

If you are not willing to give up allowed beauty recipes, combines in home care ready of the means, which have passed all levels of control over the quality, safety and efficacy.

Form of cabbage and protein to the "rejuvenation" of the skin

  1. Chop up some cabbage leaves.
  2. Mix with egg whites for the eggs.
  3. Apply the mask on your face and neck for 15 minutes.
  4. Rinse with cold water.

Apricot mask

  1. One apricot grate.
  2. Add milk until you achieve soft consistency.
  3. Apply the mixture on skin for 15 minutes.
  4. Rinse with warm water.

Cosmetic ice with plantain

  1. The leaves of plantain (2 g) pour a glass of boiling water.
  2. To insist within an hour.
  3. Drain and pour into molds for ice.
  4. Freeze.
  5. Use in the morning instead of the tonic.
Ice with plantain good soothes and softens the skin. After its application, it is recommended that you do not apply too oily, the cream, quite moisturising.


For the rejuvenation of the skin does not prevent you from making every day a small complex of exercises. Any physical activity stimulates cellular respiration, exercise the muscles. And gymnastics, designed for the torso, at the same time, strengthens the facial muscles. As A result of the tightened contour of the face, the skin becomes more elastic.


Facial massage — a great way to strengthen your muscles. A specialist knows the points which you need to click on which lines to walk, to the result that you may see immediately after the session. But even if there is the option of fixing an appointment with the beautician, a light massage can do by yourself.

Treatments and anti-ageing in the cabin

The modern beauty industry focuses on what, for us, even in no longer young age, looked younger and natural. Therefore, in the salons and clinics primarily offer minimally invasive procedures.


Cocktails for injections with hyaluronic acid and vitamins well to refresh the color of the face and saturate the cells with moisture. As a result, the skin receives a strong impulse of renewal. After a cycle of injections (3 to 7 sessions) face looks much younger.


Exfoliate the skin in the cabin — one of the most popular treatments. With her help, manages to even the tone and texture of the skin, refresh the color of the face, get rid of wrinkles. It is also a great way to brighten the skin and make the spots less pronounced. Usually peelings of the course.

The ideal time for peeling the autumn and winter. But the soft peeling lactic acid can also be done in the summer. The main condition — do not forget to use a sunscreen.


Hardware and methods of injection to rejuvenate the worth put, if:

  • on the face are inflamed and irritated areas;
  • aggravated the disease of the skin;
  • you are taking antibiotics.

Prevention of aging of face skin

As already mentioned, the aging process in general you can not avoid. But the process can be greatly delayed, if you observe a few simple rules.

  • Regularly, and properly care for your skin.
  • To make the procedure of cleansing and exfoliation.
  • Protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Try to eat correctly.
  • Lead an active lifestyle, which includes walking in the open air and a small, but regular physical exercise.