The secret of facial rejuvenation

Begin to notice the first signs of age-related changes on their faces. All women, without exception, begin, literally, eager to find a panacea that can stop and turn back time to restore youth, beauty and radiance. Glow. Unfortunately, scientists have not yet come up with a "magic" way to keep you young and attractive for many years, but, despite this, there are some secrets of facial rejuvenation that can make you outwit nature, even at 50. When I look 30 years old.

Professional tips for facial rejuvenation

Today's modern beauty provides many safe and unique technologies that allow you to immediately eliminate all age "imprints" on your face. It is true that in these categories, a potential customer is sometimes lost and cannot decide on the choice of program she needs. In addition, the rapid development of beauty is making so much progress that more and more new facial rejuvenation methods appear in the beauty service market every year, surpassing their alternative "comers" in efficiency and effectiveness.

Beautiful facial skin after rejuvenation

What is the most popular and most popular type of facial rejuvenation today?

  • ELOS-Skin Rejuvenation-Use various combinations of electro-optical energy to act on the skin. Smoothing wrinkles, tightening oval faces, eliminating various types of pigmentation, stretch marks, removing rosacea and rosacea-all these tasks can be done using this latest but proven facial skin rejuvenation methodsolve.
  • Ranked second in the "most popular and new face rejuvenation methods" list is laser rejuvenation (lattice rejuvenation, laser bioactivation, nanoperforation). All these procedures can also use laser beams to eliminate and prevent facial "age-related" defects.
  • Photorejuvenation is a quick and convenient method for facial rejuvenation, and its effect is to expose damaged areas of the skin to high-intensity light.
  • Thermage is a radio wave anti-aging technology that allows you to initiate and stimulate the natural recovery process in the deepest layer of the dermis.
  • Mesotherapy is a subcutaneous injection of active substances to restore the regeneration process of the dermal layer of the skin. Although this procedure has proven to be effective, many women still refuse it because of fear of injections. The beautician took into account the fact that the mesoderm therapy for facial rejuvenation has been improved so much that the procedure becomes absolutely painless, because the mesoderm is injected into the skin tissue using a non-invasive but hardware-based methodDeep.

Unconventional types of facial rejuvenation

In addition to the traditional cosmetic hardware methods used to effectively restore facial skin, the bio-energetic method called bio-lifting is very popular today.

Acupuncture skin rejuvenation

The secret of facial rejuvenation at the bio-energy level is based on a person's meditative perception of his appearance, and all its problems and shortcomings.

Biolifting, yoga-skin rejuvenation-these are relatively new facial rejuvenation methods, absolutely safe, simple, and painless, including two stages: restoration of human inner energy and skin rejuvenation gymnastics.

Compared with other beauty techniques, bio-energy type facial rejuvenation has many undeniable advantages. First of all, this is the beneficial effect of the treatment, not only for the facial area, but also for the whole body as a whole. Secondly, these methods do not require continuous investment-after completing one of the biological enhancement courses, you can easily complete the second course yourself.

Tips for facial rejuvenation at home

You can really help your skin resist aging with dignity, without needing professional services. Because no matter how good a new method of facial rejuvenation is, it cannot create a "miracle", even if there is not enough anti-aging home facial care, it does not make any sense.

Woman with rejuvenated skin

The basic rules of family anti-aging facial skin care:

  1. washing.Say no to soap and tap water-these are the enemies of skin aging. Give preference to mild moisturizing cleansers-milk, foam, gel (suitable for people with oily skin) and herbal tea.
  2. Moisturize and nourish.For this, use special anti-aging cosmetics or homemade creams made from natural products. Essential oils and natural oils, α-hydroxy acids (hyaluronic acid, malic acid, almonds, citric acid), seaweed extracts, fatty acids, vitamins (A, C, E, PP) and minerals have a good anti-aging effect.
  3. Self-massage the face.You can master the Japanese Shiatsu massage (Shiatsu, Assahi) or perform special facial gymnastics regularly. Regular use will allow you to easily wipe off your face for at least 7-10 years without difficulty and investment.
  4. Mask and peel.These extra cosmetics for caring for aging skin must be in the makeup bag of every woman who wants to keep her face beautiful and young for as long as possible. With the help of the mask, you can compensate for the loss of nutrients in the skin by activating the natural production of elastin and collagen, and significantly increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Therefore, by knowing and applying the simple secrets of facial rejuvenation regularly, you can enjoy the brilliance in the mirror for many years without resorting to professionals.