Use hardware beauty to ensure facial rejuvenation

The perfection of the skin is an indispensable part of external beauty. The hardware beauty of facial rejuvenation provides many treatment effects, so the health of the skin is improved, the aging process is inhibited, and the attractiveness is increased.

Facial rejuvenation surgery

Advantages of hardware beauty

This field of medicine involves the use of different types of energy: electricity, lasers, radio waves, ultrasound-for cleaning, restoring water and fat balance, and regulating the metabolic processes of facial tissues. Cleansing and nourishing ingredients, special accessories can ensure the effectiveness of each procedure and maintain the results for a long time.

The hardware program for facial rejuvenation combines the following advantages:

  • Deep influence and remarkable results;
  • Operate without anesthesia;
  • Versatility. Use the same type of equipment to solve multiple cosmetic problems.

Professional cosmetologists are not in vain to talk about the prevalence of this type of surgery among patients. They allow you to correct minor external imperfections painlessly, improve skin conditions, and provide fast, stable results.

Hardware program type

The type of facial surgery in hardware cosmetology is performed on specially manufactured high-precision equipment, enabling doctors to obtain excellent results. The installation procedure is designed for cleaning, firming (firming) and cell regeneration.


Keeping the skin clean is a prerequisite for healthy functioning. Exfoliating removes dead particles on the surface of the skin and stimulates the production of young and healthy cells. According to the strength of the effect, it can be shallow, medium or deep, but in any case, it can thin the stratum corneum of the epidermis, clean the pores, and soften the skin. This is the preparation of facial skin for more important procedures in rejuvenation beauty.

Types of peel:

  • Ultrasound.Mainly used for surface cleaning. A gentle way of cosmetic correction. Ultrasonic vibration eliminates impurities, improves the breathing capacity of the skin, and increases the speed of metabolic processes in the dermis. It can achieve lifting effect, remove acne and improve skin structure. The effect lasts for about a new moon.
  • laser.The stratum corneum composed of dead cells is completely removed. With the help of the dose laser power, the regeneration process is triggered. Various skin defects need to be corrected: vascular network, small scars, imitating wrinkles. To eliminate unpleasant feelings, beauticians use cooling gels and local anesthetics.
  • vacuum.The device generates negative pressure to effectively remove impurities on the skin. In the skin, it stimulates lymph flow and blood flow, eliminates swelling, and the dermis is nourished with sufficient oxygen and nutrients. Not recommended for rosacea.
  • plating.Treat the skin with electric current. The small nozzles alternate between positive and negative charges. All contaminants "stretched" to the surface become like foam. The result is clear skin, facelift, normalization of muscle tone and metabolic processes. Not suitable for metal implants.
  • Gas liquid.A hardware facial beauty procedure in which the skin is treated with a mixture of oxygen, salt water, and carbon dioxide. The jet provided at low pressure cleans the dirt in the pores and fills the skin with oxygen. The results can last up to 6 months.

Anti-aging treatment

After effectively cleansing and removing the exfoliating that has tightened the contours of the face, you can start the rejuvenation program. Signs of age-related changes appear after 35 years of age. At this time, the reserves of elastin and collagen in the skin structure become thinner, so our face looks smooth and attractive when we are young. The decrease in the ability to maintain flexibility is the reason for the recommended hardware operation.

The best hardware treatment for facial rejuvenation:

  • Hot Maggie.The method of exposure is radio waves. According to the markings for special applications, the facial skin undergoes special treatment. Heat the collagen fibers to rejuvenate them and stimulate the production of collagen. The initial results are visible immediately after the operation. The face looks refreshed, with no signs of fatigue, and a healthy complexion. The results lasted for several months and showed an upward trend. Rejuvenation of the deep structure occurs, and the density and elasticity of the outer skin increase.
  • Biomechanical stimulation.Apply a bioactive cocktail on a clean face, taking into account the specific patient’s issues. With the help of mechanical vibrations, facial muscles are processed. The result of the effect is to stimulate the metabolic process, deep nourishment, achieve elasticity and tone.
  • Laser biological revitalization.The face treated with hyaluronic acid is exposed to light. At the same time, the temperature increased by only 1°. The nourishing beauty gel penetrates into the skin structure, actively moisturizes the skin, improves blood circulation, eliminates inflammation, and eliminates external defects.
  • Vocalize.The pharmaceutical composition is applied to the facial skin. With the help of ultrasonic vibration, the surface is processed. Useful ingredients, vitamins, are transported to the deep layer of the dermis without damaging the skin. To achieve the effect of physical therapy.
  • Microcurrent therapy.The face is treated with weak current pulses. During the operation, the effect of cell rejuvenation is achieved. Tighten the skin, improve the ovality of the face, and reduce the depth of wrinkles.
  • Electroporation.A procedure to deliver cosmetics and medical preparations to the deep layers of the skin painlessly and without injection. It is produced by electrical pulses.
  • Lift up.Use a laser for exposure. The micro-damages that are almost invisible to the naked eye stimulate the production of collagen and increase the immunity of the local skin. In addition to the rejuvenating effect, it also achieves a therapeutic effect: removing rosacea and age spots.
  • Elos-Rejuvenation.This technology means a complex effect that produces two types of energy at the same time: optics (pulsed light), lasers (using bipolar radio frequency radiation). It has achieved great efficiency in solving the problem of rosacea, removing unwanted hair, eliminating age spots and uneven skin surface, and correcting wrinkles.
  • Partial pyrolysis.It is also called laser skin resurfacing. It means that the structure of the facial tissue is destroyed, not on the entire surface but in certain areas. Laser microsurgery stimulates an enhanced natural recovery process, and collagen fibers begin to grow. Although the recovery period is very long, the operation has a significant rejuvenating effect.
  • Ultrasonic lift.Used to correct soft tissue prolapse and eliminate obvious nasolabial folds. Concentrated exposure to ultrasound will strongly heat the muscle layer area for an hour. As a result, the fibers are reduced and the facial frame is lifted almost immediately. The effect lasts for six months.
  • RF boost.A painless radio wave treatment that produces fibroblasts in the skin structure, stimulates the tension of collagen fibers and smooths wrinkles.

The hardware beauty is combined with injection and nursing procedures.

Comprehensive solutions to the problems of beauty, healthy sleep, and balanced nutrition will make it possible to not need the services of a plastic surgeon in adulthood.