Non-ablative laser rejuvenation

girl after non-ablative skin rejuvenation

To combat wrinkles of all depths, both superficial and deep, we use a variety of equipment developed and manufactured by world-renowned Israeli companies.

Due to the specific characteristics of each laser's effect on the skin, our clinic's specialists will select the best rejuvenation modality for each specific situation, based on the location of the problem, age and other characteristics.

The latest in improving skin condition with the innovative ClearSkin 1540Nm and ClearSkin 1540Nm Sports Tip (fractional non-ablative Er: glass 1540nm Erbium Laser).

The effect of this program is achieved thanks to the possibility to create it in the skin up to a depth of 2 mm. Numerous microthermic healing areas. The impact depth only affects the most important layer of the skin - the dermis, without damaging the superficial layer - the epidermis.

The main components of the dermis are collagen and elastin, which act as the backbone of the skin and provide the skin with strength, firmness, and elasticity. The diameter of the laser beam is less than 100 microns (200-250 microns in other laser systems), which ensures minimal exposure to the top layers of the skin. The laser beam literally penetrates the epidermis (the upper layer of the skin) without damaging it, and the elastic properties of the skin allow you to close the upper layer immediately after surgery!

So the recovery time is short and comfortable!

The moment the laser beam hits the deeper layers of the skin, it destroys old collagen and excess pigment. After surgery, an intensive process of cell regeneration is initiated, and instead of the old skin damaged by the laser, a whole new area of young tissue emerges. The advantage over other lasers is that the skin does not need to spend time on long-term healing of the upper layers, the activation of the skin's natural internal resources begins immediately, allowing you to achieve excellent results in a few sessions.

The latest in improving skin condition with the innovative ClearLift 4D attachment, a fractional non-ablative Q-switched laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm.

Once in the dermis, the Q-Switched 1064 nm laser creates a micro-explosion-like photoacoustic effect, creating a tissue sparse site at the site of the effect, disrupting the defective dermal structure, and then filling the area with new mature molecules. In an instant, 25 dot zones are formed, with intact dermal tissue in between, which is the source of remodeling.

Also, the whole process is absolutely painless, and the slight barely palpable heat has a relaxing effect. The Q-Switched 1064nm laser penetrates the skin to a depth of 3 to 5 mm, making the procedure safe to use even in thinner skin areas. Since the top layer of the skin - the epidermis - remains intact, the skin looks decent immediately after surgery and for the next few days, and the results build in 1. 5 months, the period necessary for the production of new collagen.

Indications for use

  • Decreased skin tone, elasticity, firmness;
  • acne, post-acne;
  • the presence of stretch marks (stretch marks);
  • large pores;
  • Age spots, melasma (including age-related changes), hyperpigmentation;
  • Wrinkles of different intensities (expression and age);
  • scars, scars (post-traumatic, burn, postoperative);
  • elastic tissue;
  • signs of aging on the neck, arms, chest, face;
  • Solar keratosis.


  • tumor disease;
  • psoriasis, herpes, atopic dermatitis, eczema;
  • Inflammation of the treatment site;
  • Chronic or infectious diseases in the acute phase;
  • blood disease;
  • Cardiovascular failure.

Laser treatment is also not recommended:

  1. Suitable for women who are breastfeeding, pregnant and after prolonged sun exposure and sunbathing.
  2. Laser treatment should be delayed after mechanical resurfacing or chemical peeling (deep, medium) less than 2 months ago.