Facial skin rejuvenation with folk remedies: masks and rubs

Today, numerous cosmetic products have been invented to improve the appearance of the skin, but despite this, many women prefer to use folk remedies for facial skin rejuvenation procedures. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used many recipes that worked. Rejuvenating facial skin using folk remedies, depending on the type of skin, can be done using hundreds of recipes, here are some of them.

Mask with sour cream and yeast

To rejuvenate dry, aging facial skin, use a mask made with 1 tablespoon of yeast mixed with high-fat sour cream (preheated milk works too). You should get a thick, homogeneous mass with 1 tsp fish oil (or flaxseed oil) and 1 tsp honey in it. Put the resulting mixture in a container with hot water, wait for the fermentation to start, then mix it and apply the mask on your face. Rinse the mask with lukewarm water first, then cold water after 10 minutes. Another mask can be made with almost the same ingredients - mix yeast with warm milk (1 tbsp yeast and 2 tbsp milk), add 1 tbsp any vegetable oil (preferably olive oil). Leave the mask on for 15 minutes, then wash off with lukewarm water.

rub face with fat

A very good folk remedy for facial skin rejuvenation is regular fat. The procedure is simple - lubricate the skin with a dollop of lard, wash your face after 15 minutes, first with lukewarm water, then cool. Salo will make your skin soft, supple and wrinkle free.

Facial skin rejuvenation with folk remedies: cucumber, black currant berry and sour cream mask

To nourish the skin with vitamins, traditional medicine recommends using a grated cucumber face mask. Take 1 tablespoon of cucumber porridge and add equal parts black currant puree and 1 tablespoon of sour cream. Blend ingredients until smooth, then apply to face and neck. After 20 minutes, remove with a cotton swab dipped in warm water, then rinse face with cold water.

Mask made with butter, egg yolks, honey and apples

A good folk remedy for facial skin rejuvenation is a face mask, a tablespoon of melted butter and an egg yolk. Combine toppings with 1 teaspoon honey and sweet grated apple (1 tablespoon) or plum. Apply the resulting mixture to the skin of the face and neck and remove after 15 minutes with a cotton swab moistened with warm water.

Rub makeup ice with watermelon juice

You can refresh your facial skin by rubbing ice cubes in frozen watermelon juice.

This simple facial rejuvenation procedure using folk remedies will help you stay beautiful and youthful for a long time.

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