Effective skin rejuvenation of the face: everything you need to know

skin rejuvenation of the face

Every second girl at least once thought of the contouring of the face. Many of us every day actively struggling with the inevitable changes of age, that can overtake after 20 years. For example, the folds in the naso-labial rings of Venus and the "crows feet" around the eyes can also appear very young girls. The fact is that besides genetics there are a large number of external factors that in one way or another, they leave imprints negatively on the appearance. The tap water is of low quality, sudden temperature changes, polluted air of the metropolis, the lack of sunlight in winter only the tip of the iceberg under the name of "the enemy of eternal youth". And this without counting the internal causes, due to illness, stress, poor nutrition, menstrual cycle disorders and bad habits. Of course, in today's world there are all kinds of beauty-the ways that help it look more fresh, more fresh and more youthful, but do not forget the three pillars on which is based the beauty of the women: harmony with yourself and your own body, the right routine and a healthy diet. Just follow these three commandments, it is possible to achieve long-term visible result in rejuvenation of the appearance, therefore, it is first necessary to begin with small, and after passing a severe cosmetic artillery.

Effective skin rejuvenation of the face: what you need to know before you go to the beautician

  1. For the beginning it is important to understand though that even the most proficient beautician is not the panacea of all ills. Of course, beauty equipment intervention will improve the original data, but without due care and keep the result can be very fast to return to the beginning. Then there is also the injection of the intervention can not completely replace the daily full care of facial skin and its rejuvenation by using the right combination of cosmetic products.
  2. Before going to the beautician, he was given his trick: by some means of secure, there is no effect, then it is better to free a place for really quality products. Cosmetic rejuvenation with the help of effective means it is not a myth, but a reality. It is important to choose care, considering the individual characteristics of a woman: her age, the condition of the skin and many other factors. Among other things, a shopping center and range of many cosmetic clinics are usually certified products, which help to fix the result of injection of rejuvenation.
  3. Quick non-surgical rejuvenation is usually done with the help of beauty and body treatments: peeling, masks, nutrients, and purges. This procedure must be performed step-by-step several times at regular intervals, to achieve the maximum effect. After the skin is quite hydrated and cared for from the outside and from the inside, there is a sense to pass to more serious procedures, as well as laser skin rejuvenation, plasma-lift, RF, sculptural face massage.

Laser rejuvenation: a course of effective procedures

Laser rejuvenation course of effective procedures

Facial rejuvenation with lasers – the procedure, is gaining momentum. Yes, in our days, up to the end studied the effects of laser irradiation, but a positive effect on the skin of the face is evident already after a few sessions.

Procedure of laser skin is recommended for girls over the age of 25 years. It was after this group of indicators, the body slowly begins to produce collagen, responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Laser rejuvenation is used to return the elasticity of the individual sections on the face and improve the tone in general. Laser rejuvenation will help you to pull on the oval of the face, eliminate wrinkles, remove stains a dark and. There are currently several methods, all of which have their pros and cons.

Characteristics of laser rejuvenation

The general principle of laser-skin – the touch of a radius of certain areas of the skin to a state of heating. Temperature stimulates the skin, causing a quick response. In the cells you start accelerated the process of regeneration, may have the feeling that the skin is slightly contracted. The result is visible already after the first session, but usually laser rejuvenation pass the course of 5-7 procedures, the interval between which takes 7-14 days.

Because of the impact of the laser pulse in the deeper layers of the skin activates the production of collagen and elastin, so the procedure has the effect and the result will be evident in a matter of a few months, and in some cases, years.

Effective laser rejuvenation – painless, after you have completed the procedure you can safely apply makeup on your face, perhaps only episodic redness in certain areas of the skin. And the lack of rehabilitation period, as is well known, it is very convenient for those who can not postpone all their activities in favour of beauty.

Laser rejuvenation: before and after

Laser skin rejuvenation before and after

Up laser skin rejuvenation can be not in the best condition, but after – the result is guaranteed. Resorting to laser rejuvenation 18 years, the particular contraindications to the procedure no. The Person after laser skin appears radiant, in shape and in good health, and so full and a happy marriage, and long-lasting upgrade path can not be achieved by means of the injection procedures.

After the completion of the course, rejuvenation laser, it is possible to get rid of:

  • the dull complexion;
  • wrinkles;
  • folds;
  • fuzzy loop;
  • age spots;
  • varicose;
  • irregularities on the surface of the skin;
  • open pores;
  • the tone of the skin.

A faction laser facial rejuvenation

A faction laser skin rejuvenation of the face is a kind of aesthetic facelift without surgery. This procedure is allowed as the people with the aging of the skin, and girls over the age of 18 years. In fact, a faction rejuvenation – this is only one of the most popular laser technology, which allows you to get sharp images, and the contours of the face, to smooth the age and the wrinkles, folds, gently remove the worn upper layers of the epidermis.

The Laser pulse during the procedure, fractional rejuvenate penetrates deep into the skin, start those processes of which it is spoken.

The essence procedures fractional rejuvenate is that during the penetration under the skin, a laser pulse is divided into a number of his similar "processes". Therefore, the rays pass through a grid, without damaging the skin over the entire surface, but only leaving microscopic holes, and thanks to this, the recovery period is fairly quick and painless. In the first 5-7 days you may feel a slight burning sensation, places can barely perceptible swelling.

Depending on the treated area on the face it changes the depth of penetration of fractional radius. For example, the skin around the eyes needs a more delicate impact, rather than the area of the cheeks or on the forehead with serious-the advancing age.

The procedure fractional rejuvenate is contraindicated:

  • pregnant women and nursing mothers;
  • in the presence of photodermatitis, herpes, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, keloids and other skin diseases;
  • in the presence of temporal damage of the skin: a cut, a severe contusion, and so on;
  • if on the face there are great cravings, the cravings and other mixed education;
  • cancer, diabetes, epilepsy.

In any case of dispute, it is necessary to consult a specialist and deliver the common exams.

Plasma skin rejuvenation

Plasma skin rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation with the aid of the plasma is another type of non-surgical, the exposure of the skin to improve its general health, but here the laser is used the plasma. Considering that plasma rejuvenation more effective than laser surgery, and the result is even more evident and persistent. It does not require a specific training before the procedure, the process is not experiencing the pain, and the treatment lasts from 10 to 30 minutes. In addition, plasma skin rejuvenation of the face does not leave redness, bruising, or other visible traces.

The procedure of plasma-lifting takes place under the influence of special plasma-a device that sends a pulse in a specific area on the skin, after which she begins to twitch intensely. Before a session of plasma to rejuvenate the face and apply a cream anesthetic, and immediately after that the teacher cleans up the skin gauze.

Plasma rejuvenation: indications and contraindications

Rejuvenate the skin with the help of the plasma 18 years, this procedure is relatively safe and comfortable sensations. However, and here is a small series of contraindications:

  • the presence of pacemakers or other implanted electronic devices;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • the damage of the skin;
  • the presence of the implant.

RF-lifting: rejuvenation and wellness of the skin


RF-lifting – the most recent an effective way of aesthetic skin rejuvenation. The principle of operation is to awaken the potential of the skin thanks to a special heat treatment. The procedure is performed step by step with the help bipolar of the machine, which heats the skin radiofrequency. When the skin feels that it remains in a normal state. This method of lifting to rejuvenate allows you to awaken the collagen fibers and protein fibers, and strengthen the layers of the skin from the inside. Live – smooth and glowing face tense contour without wrinkles and folds.

Features RF-lifting

RF-lifting leaves no traces on the skin, locally and makes a warm touch. This procedure is well tolerated, the recovery period takes only a couple of days and on the outside passes completely unnoticed.

The procedure of RF-lifting will help to shape an oval face is clear, reduce wrinkles naso-labial, pull on the cheekbones, eyelids, cheeks, remove wrinkles around the eyes to correct the area around the lips.

Because RF-lifting anti-aging procedure, it is possible to do for 20 years. Usually the areas of exposure of the individual, but for the maximum visual effect you can do a series of procedures in the course on the whole face.

Contraindications for use:

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • viral diseases;
  • increase of the body temperature;
  • malignant tumors of the body;
  • hypertension and pressure peaks;
  • the presence of gold threads on the face or plants;
  • the damage to the skin.

In case of any dispute, prior to the procedure, it is best to consult a doctor.

Facial massage to rejuvenate

The more innocuous view of treatments for the rejuvenation of the skin of the face – massage. There are several methods that you can perform yourself at home or seek the help of beautician. One of the most popular technical – sculpting massage of the face, from the point of view of the plastics improves the circulation of blood in the tissues, preparing them for the penetration of the ingredients that are used in the master during a session.

Facial massage to rejuvenate

Massage for the rejuvenation usually takes multiple sessions to collect and consolidate the effect of each single procedure. Usually effective the course consists of 10-12 sessions, that it is better to spend 2 times a year.

Thanks to the facial massage, you can get stunning results already in a short time:

  • simulate pronounced the contours of the face;
  • get rid of double chin;
  • get rid of wrinkles and folds;
  • improve your complexion;
  • get rid of bruises under the eyes;
  • greatly improve the overall tone of the skin, return elasticity;
  • reduce the number of spots and post-acne.

For the quality of the massage, usually you select the drug, which is struggling with a specific problem, and to fix the result, the specialist often recommends that you use additional tools of cosmetics for daily care.

Funds for the rejuvenation of facial skin: milk serum, creams and masks

To rejuvenate the skin of the face in the house, and conditions are used in several cosmetic products, which promote the appearance of results learned a lot from this.

Products for the effective rejuvenation can be of different brands, but of very high quality are departing the following vitamins, plant extracts and substances.

  • extracts of vegetable oil for the softness of the skin;
  • acid (hydroxyl, lipoic acid, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid) to fight with the pigmentation of advancing age;
  • vitamins a (retinol), And;
  • the elastin and the collagen.

Serum for facial rejuvenation

Effective serum for rejuvenation of the face usually contains a high percentage of hyaluronic acid in the composition. One of the most sought-after and – Clarins Double Serum. It is a double serum for all skin types, that deals with the advancing age.

Mask for facial rejuvenation

Remedies to rejuvenate the skin of the face

Quality masks for facial rejuvenation is commonly used not only in the home, but during these procedures, such as massage of the face. On the

Face rejuvenation at home: top 5 funds

As well as beauty treatments for skin rejuvenation and skin improvement, it is necessary to perform simple, but important procedures on a regular basis, and the results will also learned a lot from this you are made to wait!

Home rejuvenation is a comprehensive approach, that is daily beauty-routine. Try to use all the ways to keep the skin in good shape and to activate the processes of regeneration of the cells of the epidermis.

  1. Self-massage for 10-15 minutes a day with the help of a roller or a glass of quartz.
  2. Gymnastics for the face for 5-10 minutes per day.f
  3. Fabric masks and patches, if necessary.
  4. Water bath and contrast dry.
  5. Special pillow to sleep, that secures the head to the face are not formed in the creases and folds.